The Effect of Gender Roles on Women's Health and the Role of Midwives


  • Remziye SÖKMEN Fırat University



Midwife, Women, Health, Gender


The concepts of gender and gender are often confused with each other. While the concept of gender defines the genetic, physiological and biological characteristics of the person as a woman or a man, the concept of gender defines the roles, duties and responsibilities given by the society, how the society sees and perceives the individual and what are their expectations. From the past to the present, it is seen that men are valued more than women in many areas. It is noteworthy that these inequalities are more in areas such as working life, social life, marriage and family life. It is seen that women are mostly affected negatively from the responsibilities that gender roles impose on women and men. The factors that have an impact on the development of attitudes towards gender role; family environment, education level of parents and working status of mother, friends, school and mass media. The most important area where gender discrimination is seen in women's health is reproductive health services. Today, safe motherhood, gynecological problems, infertility, family planning, etc. They may be deficient in benefiting from reproductive health services. The aim of this review is to draw attention to the effects of gender roles on women's health and to offer solutions and to make suggestions about the roles and responsibilities of midwives in protecting and improving the health of the society in the light of these solutions.


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